Hello! I am Evgeny and I am one of the co-founders of Comino company.
My CV:
from 2005 Technical Manager of International Software projects, OSS systems (Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Argentina)
from 2011 CEO of call-tracking/web analytics company
from 2017 Managing partner of Insider.pro

We are producing liquid cooling systems for home and business.

Our main product is a Silent GPU Miner for Home.

contact me for any interesting proposals:
e-mail: ev@comino.com
Evgeny Vlasov
Co-founder and CEO of Comino
Hello! I am Alexey and I am one of the co-founders and Technical Director of Comino company.
My CV:
Since 2004 - Publication of popular scientific articles on the subject of liquid cooling systems and PC modding
Since 2006 - Head of the company producing household liquid cooling systems for PCs
Since 2010 - Development and implementation of liquid cooling systems in server equipment
Since 2013 - Conducting research and development high-density liquid cooled computing clusters

contact me for any interesting proposals:
e-mail: chistov.alexey@comino.com
Alexey Chistov
Co-founder and CTO of Comino
My CV:
Since 2005 - System Administrator
Since 2009 - Head of IT in Switzerland
Since 2012 - Educational Robotics as
Leadership Development for Youth
Since 2014 - Expert Research Engineer

e-mail: leonid.z@comino.com
Leonid Zelvyanskiy
Co-founder and Director of Research Engineering

My CV:
Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Department of Tool Technics)
Since 2005 - Participant of Xtreme Overclocking benchmarking-society (freon- and nitrogen- cooling)
Since 2009 - Design engineer of household liquid cooling systems for PCs
Since 2010 - Working in the largest technical University in Russia - Bauman MSTU, participation in scientific-research and experimental-design works in the field of research and implementation of the technolgy of Deforming Cutting, publication of articles in journals from the list of Higher Certification Panel
Since 2013 - Research and development high-density liquid cooled computing clusters

e-mail: cha@comino.com
Alexander Cherkasov
Co-founder and Director of Design Engineering
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