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COMINO BRINGS PLUG-AND-PLAY SIMPLICITY TO CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING [INTERVIEW] has talked to Comino co-founder Evgeny Vlasov about the device, the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and the ways to make 'green' hardware.

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World’s first cool-liquid computers

Burning Man

Comino’s CTO Alexey Chistov thinks out loud about the energy issues behind the bustling crypto mining scene and how Comino contributes to solving them in this column on Future Times

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Burning Man

World’s first cool-liquid computers

Future Times extensively cover Comino liquid cooled devices in this feature. Which makes sense, after all - what are they if not the future of high-performance computing?

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World’s first cool-liquid computers

GPU mining in high temperatures

Optimal temperatures are different for different components.

- Unrecommended temperatures are always indicated in every technical document of the component (also, maintenance T, storage T, storage and maintenance humidity, allowed altitude).

- Optimal temperatures - from the dew point (the lowest temperature at which condensation condenses) and up to 21-26C (usually, indicated in the passport). Capacitor is the most suffering element in hot temperatures. Electrolytic capacitors are widely used because of their low cost. You can take a look here what happens to them when they overheat.Электрический_конденсатор

- Accordingly, unrecommended temperatures are the ones higher than indicated in the technical passport.

- Using your devices in high (or low temperatures) may lead to premature failure (at high temperatures there is an accelerated degeneration of semiconductors and destruction of the elements) and change of embedded characteristics of the whole rig or its parts (the most usual example - decrease in the maximums frequencies).

GPU mining in high temperatures

Difference of MH/s in liquid cooled and air cooled devices

We announce the hashrate of Comino Grando - 540MH/s, where variation of +- 5% Mh/s is expected.

Hashrates can’t be compared on air cooled and liquid cooled devices. They also can’t be compared on the devices manufactured professionally and assembled at home (though, I know that many of home-assembled rigs show amazing results).

Liquid cooling allows to remove the heat from all three modules, while standard air cooling removes the heat only from GPUs. That part of a radiator contains some small copper parts. The other parts are coated insignificantly or not covered at all, sometimes being in contact with the radiator. While mining, as you know, memory and PSU are actively used.

When the miner claims that the temperature is 66C, most probably it was taken from the GPU indicator, which is placed in the GPU processor. At the same time, memory and power block can be overheating (100C or even higher). If you google GPU thermal imaging, you’ll see the whole picture. When the system’s memory and power block overheat, GPUs start giving out errors. With time, microchips are starting to degrade. There are cases when after a year of mining microchips burned or degraded by 20%.

In our case, all three modules are equally cooled. We pay special attention to the VRM and microchips, they provide a stable longterm operation on high frequencies. Using thermal imaging, we can see that with the outside T 36C, the temperature on all the modules does not rise above 60C, with outside T30C - not higher than 60C. With that, we achieve high hashrates and stable long-term operation.

In addition to that, we use all the top level components in our devices by world's leading manufacturers, some of them are customized especially for us: Molex for gold-plated sockets for our custom raiser cards, modified PSU consists of server components for the system to operate at full power in 24/7 mode. We are partnering with Asus, Gigabyte, Nvidia, AMD, Delta, TSMC, Hardware Labs and others.

Btw., our last test showed an upper limit of 34.9Mh/s for 24 hours. But, you don’t want to run it long-term.

Difference of MH/s in liquid cooled and air cooled devices

Is the Comino N1 miner the Apple of miners? did a test drive of Comino and here's what they say (among lots of other nice things): "The inside of the machine is incredible. All the parts are designed and manufactured for this miner, specifically, and everything is in just the right place. There are no loose cables or noisy fans. Everything is just where it needs to be and is served by water cooling, making for silent mining."

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Comino N1 miner the Apple of miners

Comino expert comments

We are regularly receiving questions and comments regarding radiators in our liquid cooled products:

- why do we have only one radiator for five water blocks?


- one radiator would not be enough for my 6x1080 water cooled rig

We use a radiator similar to this exclusively modified for our Comino N1. This radiator has a very thick finning and can conduct up to 1500w of heat. Which is more than enough in our case. Plus - solid performance tuned for low speed fans.

In practice, it can also easily handle a 6x1080 (FullCover) with a Laing DDC 1TPllus pump.

Some techs:

  • 120 mm x 3 fan Xtreme form factor two-pass radiator

  • 398mm x 133mm x 54mm (L x W x H)

  • 16 FPI 25 Micron Copper Fins

  • Now optimized for sub-800 rpm ultra-stealth fans

  • Supercruise optimizations for scalable performance with higher speed fans

  • 15% more tubing area in the same Black Ice® GTX™ 240 form factor

  • Increased internal coolant flow rates

  • Standard G 1/4″ inlet/outlet fittings

  • Standard M4 mounting threads

  • Compatible with Black Ice® Xtreme III, Black Ice® GTX™ 360 radiators

  • Custom Dark Matter™ high quality finish

  • Fully ROHS Compliant

  • 100% Made from conflict-free materials

  • Industry standard Black Ice® quality

  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects*

It is a dual pass radiator, but not in the traditional sense, where the coolant flow path is side to side or U flow. Its flow path is front to back OR back to front depending on which port is used as the inlet. In other words the coolant travels up the tubes the full width of the radiator core then changes direction in the non-port tank and travels down the other set of tubes on the opposite side of the core. To get this flow path to work they have installed a plate and tube in the port tank ends.

A professional product, though, not very common for a regular user, building rigs. Therefore, the price may be on the premium side, but it's not unreasonable for a radiator that is not outsorced in China.

Comino expert comments

Congratulations to the lucky man!

Our trip to Computex in Taiwan was a great success and great fun!

We had lots of new contacts, multiple meetings with serious vendors (we can't announce the names yet). Our products received a positive feedback from visitors and press.

As promised, our miners were mining Ethereum at the show during the day and we raffled the whole amount (0,28Eth) among our booth visitors.

Congratulations to Mr.Ivan Liang!

Comino Cryptocurrency Lottery at Computex Taiwan

Comino Cryptocurrency Lottery at Computex Taiwan

The largest exhibition of modern technologies in the Asian region is starting tomorrow! We have prepared something very special for you. Miners at our booth will be mining Ethereum throughout the show. We will then raffle all cryptocurrency mined during that time among our booth visitors. If you want to win, simply stop by our stand and leave your business card. The winner will get all the mined cryptocurrency on the last day of the show!

Come and visit our booth! Learn more

Comino mining device won in a contest at the Consensus event

You can read all about the winner and the contest itself following the link below. To make it short: the winner received a Comino rig as a trophy and here's what he has to say: "I want to use Comino as a sort of point of interest to draw people into blockchain tech and cryptocurrency trading when I begin teaching my students in San Diego how to make a full time income with day trading crypto."

And just FYI: they plan no further beer-chugging contest, but you can win some cryptocurrency if you stop by our booth at Computex.

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Even more energy efficient

We boast how great our hardware engineers are a lot, now it’s time for our software engineers to shine: our summer software update brings down energy consumption to around 700 W while maintaining the same hashrate for Ether as before. Cool and steady.

Our new office in Moscow

We are glad to announce that we moved to a new large office in Moscow.

The office is located at:
Большой Саввинский пер., 12с8, Москва, 119435
Bolshoy Savvinsky per., 12c8, Moscow, 119435

Our new office in China

We're glad to announce that our representative office for China and South-Eastern Asia is now open in Shenzhen, China. Also easy to reach from Hong Kong. Located on 13th floor of SEG Plaza building - one the highest tech hubs in the world.

The office is located at:
SEG Plaza Floor 13, Flat 1328, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong Contact:

All Devices Supports 110 - 240V

It indicates that it can automatically work with 110V USA style AC power, or 240V that the rest of the world uses.


Shipping is not included in the offer price. You can choose your company or use our. Separate amount will be charged in addition to the offer amount.

Calculator for shipping costs
Address we send from is - Rudolf-Breitscheid-Allee 35, 15366 Neuenhagen
Weight is 26 - 27 kg

5000 Risers are ready for delivery

We have completed the production of our first batch of wide risers for mining farms, which you can already buy today.

An ordered 1000 Gigabyte P106-100 6g Video Card has landed in Riga

While our first 100 devices are in the process of being built, we have already ordered new equipment for the next 500 Comino N1, the production of which is set for the end of November.

The best you can find. Our first product description is here

We are ready to sell our risers, and we created the best x16 pci-e riser of what you can find in the market.

Production Status: Launched

Following a successful testing of all the prototypes, we are happy to announce the launch of production of our first 100 devices. They will be built on 8 ASUS P106-100 video cards —moving to version N1— and on 4 1080TI cards— version N4.

The copper and plastic components are made in Germany. According to our partners, all of the components will be ready by the end of October. The set up slowed down the process, but it will be much quicker in the future.

ASUS is one of the most reliable video card producing companies. We are planning to disperse the card to 10% for its effective liquid cooling in the final device.

Our Team

We ultimately believe that people play the most crucial role in any company.

We have now formed a shared vision of our company and you can find more about us here

First Comino body drawings are ready for production

We are happy to share some good news, as the very first drawings of the body and the liquid cooling system inside Comino are ready!

What does that mean? We are simply ready to create a real device.

First Prototype

First impressions are the most lasting they say. Whether or not so, our first Comino prototype has a stunning design, which we hope will only become better for actual devices.

Comino Unveiled

The initial idea was to create a comfortable silent miner for homes used as a heater with liquid cooling. For that, our team started a Comino project, which is finally here. We are planning to create different versions of the device based on NVIDIA and AMD processors.