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All Devices Supports 110 - 240V
It indicates that it can automatically work with 110V USA style AC power, or 240V that the rest of the world uses.

November 20, 2017
Shipping is not included in the offer price. You can choose your company or use our. Separate amount will be charged in addition to the offer amount.

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Address we send from is - Rudolf-Breitscheid-Allee 35, 15366 Neuenhagen
Weight is 26 - 27 kg
5000 Risers are ready for delivery
We have completed the production of our first batch of wide risers for mining farms, which you can already buy today.

September 07, 2017
An ordered 1000 Gigabyte P106-100 6g Video Card has landed in Riga
While our first 100 devices are in the process of being built, we have already ordered new equipment for the next 500 Comino N1, the production of which is set for the end of November.
The best you can find. Our first product description is here
We are ready to sell our risers, and we created the best x16 pci-e riser of what you can find in the market.

Production Status: Launched
ASUS is one of the most reliable video card producing companies. We are planning to disperse the card to 10% for its effective liquid cooling in the final device.
Following a successful testing of all the prototypes, we are happy to announce the launch of production of our first 100 devices. They will be built on 8 ASUS P106-100 video cards —moving to version N1— and on 4 1080TI cards— version N4.

The copper and plastic components are made in Germany. According to our partners, all of the components will be ready by the end of October. The set up slowed down the process, but it will be much quicker in the future.

Our Team
We ultimately believe that people play the most crucial role in any company.

We have now formed a shared vision of our company and you can find more about us here:

First Comino body drawings are ready for production
We are happy to share some good news, as the very first drawings of the body and the liquid cooling system inside Comino are ready!

What does that mean? We are simply ready to create a real device.


First Prototype

First impressions are the most lasting they say. Whether or not so, our first Comino prototype has a stunning design, which we hope will only become better for actual devices.

First Prototype of Comino
Comino Unveiled
The initial idea was to create a comfortable silent miner for homes used as a heater with liquid cooling. For that, our team started a Comino project, which is finally here. We are planning to create different versions of the device based on NVIDIA and AMD processors.
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