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Comino designs and manufactures unique liquid-cooled plug&play high performance PCs and servers. Headquartered in London, with RnD in Germany, Latvia and Russia, by selling our computers globally, we’ve generated over €9m since 2017.

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Our mission

Comino’s goal is to bring energy-efficient, high-power computing to the world.

Right now, energy usage in the electronics industry simply isn’t sustainable. Comino offers the solution — 15 years’ experience of manufacturing and delivering innovative liquid-cooled computer hardware featuring powerful processors that give users high performance with more efficient use of energy.

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A highly-rated established business

The benefits of Comino are already highly-rated by leading hardware reviewers: Linus Tech Tips, PC MASTER RACE, TechPowerUp, WePC.

All our clients benefit from the Comino user experience, the power of our machines, and the energy savings they make. Comino devices are recognized by global hardware giants like AMD and ASUS.

Now, with interest in our products at an all-time high, and the market for energy-efficient computing growing, the time is right for Comino to expand its business to the USA, Canada, and other countries.

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COMINO Products

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The Comino OTTO - The transformable liquid cooled SFF (small form factor) station for awesome gaming performance.

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The Comino GRANDO - Plug and play liquid cooled multi GPU workstations and servers for AI, machine learning, and rendering applications.

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The DECRYPTUM - The most powerful machine for unrivalled password recovery and decryption speed.

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