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About Comino

15 years

Comino is an international liquid tech solution provider with 15 years of experience that offers unique manufacturing technologies and expertise in liquid cooling to serve businesses and end consumers.

Our passion and perfectionism backed up by breakthrough technology allow us to deliver server-grade products and solutions globally.


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in computer liquid-cooling




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We use patented deformational cutting technology that allows us to transfer more heat from the source than you would normally expect with direct liquid cooling. The technology involves microstructural engineering and boosts water blocks' efficiency in our water cooling systems. As a result, a lower PUE is achieved, the cost of operation is reduced, less power is spent to cool chips, hardware lasts longer and the required maintenance is minimal.



Our team offers expertise in data center design and construction for any challenging purpose — enterprise, co-location, mining or else. We can also help migrate from air-cooling to liquid-cooling within an existing facility and provide solutions tailored to every client in need of operating efficiently. Our systems are customizable, flexible, scalable and are created to boost efficiency, reduce operational costs and adverse environmental effects. Thanks to liquid-cooling we can build extremely dense systems and make every inch of the floor space work for you. All that without sacrificing cooling efficiency and at the lowest possible noise level.



Our own facilities allow custom manufacturing of DLC components fast and at any scale. We also design and make pre-built professional high-end computing devices that are great for quick deployment and tasks like data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning , neural networks, rendering, and more.


Research and development

Our R&D team constantly brings new ideas to life. We rigidly test and question everything we make to provide the best possible quality for stable 24/7 operation. Each product starts with a design and a series of complex thermodynamic calculations. When it comes to life it goes through a variety of stress tests supported by thermal analysis. We like pushing things to the limit including extreme overclocking and liquid nitrogen cooling.

Our customers

Customers entrust Comino in building solutions and services with deep learning and video rendering


COMINO HOLDING LTD. / Reg. Number 10541126 8 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4PL, United Kingdom

CMNO LOGICA SIA Krimuldas iela 2A, LV-1039, Riga, Latvia
(European clients meeting place)

CMNO LTD / Reg. Number HE 376006 Ioannis Stylianou, 6 - 202, 2003, Nicosia, Cyprus +357 25262933

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