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with Molex gold-plated sockets and ultra-thin and flexible twinax cable

  • Connect GPUs or other PCI-e devices to the motherboard in limited space

  • 0% signal loss is guaranteed up to 1-meter cable length

  • Separate cable to draw power to the riser means no additional signal noise for data cable

  • Wide range of sizes including custom designs

  • Use it to build systems for rendering, gaming, AI, and others

  • LED indication shows operating mode of risers and the status of external connections

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Comino risers are optimized for efficient work with PCIe devices at a distance from the signal source of up to 1000mm. They comply with the PCIe 3.0 data transfer standard and support speeds of up to 16.0 GT/s while supporting channel bandwidths of up to 31.51 GB/s in x16 mode.

Risers are equipped with their own +3.3V power converter, which allows them to be used with any ATX power supply with +5V and +12V voltage. LED indication shows operating mode of risers and the status of external connections.

We use high-quality gold-plated Molex connectors and gold-plating for the PCB (ENIG, “gold-finger”) when manufacturing Comino risers. Comino risers are produced using lead-free soldering technology and comply with the RoHS environmental safety directive.

Available modifications

Risers: x16 Universal
PCB: x16
Molex NanoPitch cable to connect riser: 500mm
Riser Power Supply: +12v (up to 5.5A) or +5v (up to 2A)

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