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Comino - World's first liquid-cooled GPU supercomputer.

WORLD'S FIRST liquid-cooled supercomputer for home use

Comino is a professional high-end computing device with built-in support of multiple hashing algorithms. The device is perfect for any operations requiring high processing power, such as big data analysis, neural networks, AI, mining ETH and other cryptocurrencies, etc. It runs on 8 high-end graphic cards assembled together in a sleek case and adjusted for the highest mining efficiency.

You won't need to spend hours learning how to assemble and configure your rig correctly.

We've got you covered.
€4999 ONLY
€4500 ONLY

Comino Grando

The world's first ultra-compact liquid-cooled enterprise computing platform with the built-in ability to reuse heat.
Comino Grando allows you to take full advantage of GPU processing power.


Cloud mining is for those who want to have the benefits of cryptocurrency mining without maintaining any equipement. For most people, hardware-related issues are annoying and unnecessary - our solution caters to their needs.

Start Mining today with Comino! Your ultra-modern mining hardware is already running! Just choose your plan and get started in minutes!

Comino N1

200 Mh/s ETH*



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Grando video review

We are pleased to show you a video review of enterprise solution. Comino Grando — the world's first ultra-compact liquid-cooled computing platform.
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Comino 16x
gpu risers

Watch NOW how Comino works


Comino liquid cooling system enables overall increase in performance of GPU servers


Reduce cooling energy consumption by 80%


Reduce overall annual power consumption by 10M kWh


Operate with a Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.10


Reduce data center build costs by up to 60%

Best Vendors Inside Comino

ASUS Chieftec hwlabs noctua gigabyte amd

High Quality. Plastic and copper components are produced in Germany.

Reasons to choose Comino


When used for mining, video cards overheat quickly and often go dead in less than a year, not even having paid off. We offer a device that will ensure a stable long-term operation thanks to copper radiators and patented water cooling systems.


Usually the distance between video cards in a rig is 10 to 15 cm. Thanks to liquid cooling, we've managed to reduce the gap, so our miner is up to ten times smaller than a typical eight-GPU rig.


Typical mining rigs are very noisy, even when running at 90% capacity only. Our miner is probably quieter than your fridge.

Easy Maintenance

Сomino rigs are reliably protected from dust and dirt. The device is as easy to maintain as any other home appliance.

Warranty and Support

We offer round-the-clock online customer support and provide a warranty for the device for a period of 12 months.

Stable Operation at Any Temperature

Thanks to the cooling systems with our device, you can both mine when it's 120ºF(50ºC) inside and use it as a heater in cold times.

Beautiful Design

Obviously, the miner is a working tool, but who doesn't like to show off their tools sometimes? And that means it should look stylish. Our designers have got you covered!

Easy to Use

We provide a turnkey solution: just plug it in, run the settings wizard, enter your data, and start mining!

Comino is very quiet

GPU miner providing a turnkey solution for mining multiple cryptocurrencies at home. The noise level does not exceed 30dB(A).

Looks Great at Home