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Do you plan to mine other cryptocurrencies?

Yes. But right now the most profitable way is to mine Ethereum and to convert it to other currencies needed.

What cryptocurrencies can Comino mine right now?

ETH, ZCash. To switch from one currency to another you need to change the wallet and Comino will start mining the chosen currency automatically.

What else can Comino be used for besides mining?

Connecting a hard disk and installing an operating system (for example, Microsoft WIndows) enables you to use specialized software for which GPU processors are required. For example, you can do rendering, work with neural networks.

How much heat does the device produce? How can I know whether this is a lot or not?

The device produces approx 1 kW/h (depending on the settings), this amount of heat is enough to heat 10-20 sq.m of living apartment.

How much electricity does it consume?

Approx 1 kWh.

Will my room turn into a sauna?

Comino dissipates approximately 1 kW into the air, blowing out a stream of air at a temperature about +20 degrees, relative to room temperature. For example, in quiet operation mode, when the room is 25 degrees, Comino blows air at a temperature of 45, and the temperature of the GPU is about 55 degrees. Naturally, if there is no ventilation, then the temperature in the room will gradually increase.

Is it possible to connect the device to the house water system?

Not yet, but we are working on this function.

Is there a Wi-Fi option?

Yep, sure.

What are the size and weight of the device?

The height, length and width of the device are 63.5 cm, 45.9 cm and 17.5 cm, respectively, that allows you to easily place it in an unoccupied corner of the room and forget about it while it mines the cryptocurrency for you. Read more on The weight of the device is 27 kg.

Does it work when it's humid?

Yes. Relative humidity should not exceed 80% (without condensation). Comino is a super-computer, so its operating conditions are exactly the same as those for other equipment.

At what temperatures does the device work normally?

Normal conditions typical for stationary equipment operating in enclosed spaces at a temperature of +2...+45°С, relative humidity up to 80% (without condensation) and atmospheric pressure 720...780 mm Hg.Art. To increase the life of the device, we strongly do not advise to operate it at an ambient temperature higher than + 40°C and humidity more than 80%. The integrated cooling control system will not allow the devices to be operated at negative temperatures and temperatures above +45°C.

What about warranty and lifetime?

In case of timely maintenance and normal operating conditions (up to +23-25°С and humidity not exceeding 80%), the guarantee is 1 year. Lifetime is unlimited.

Is it possible to install my software inside Comino?

Yes, it is possible. It is necessary to connect a hard drive (SATA) and a monitor (to the built-in video card), install an OS (for example, Windows) and necessary software, then use Comino as a normal PC. In this mode, the display will not show temperature information, but we are working on it.

Can the client change the pool himself?


When ETH switches to POS, how can I use Comino? / What happens when ETH goes POS?

If Ethereum switches to POS, then it will be possible to continue mining a wide range of other altcoins via Comino and use it for tasks solved on GPU accelerators.

Can I change the video cards myself?

Yes, it is possible, but the cooling system is designed the way to install only boards of the particular reference (standard size or model). This additionally needs to be figured out. Installation should be carried out only if the special instructions are observed (provided on request).

Can I sell cards if they become obsolete?

This question relates to the market, which will be actual that time, we do not make forecasts.

What the hashrate is?

For ETH - Hashrate: 200(±7%) Mh/s* Ethereum ForZCash - Hashrate: 2740.0 (±7%) h/s Zcash(ZEC) (Equihash)

What is the device noise level?

The noise from Comino is about 30 dB - it's quieter than a whisper. Noise is one of the problems that we successfully solved via liquid cooling.

Do you update the machine at all after a longer time? The software?

We update the software periodically to increase the functionality of Comino.

Is that possible to dual-mine?

Not yet. We do not plan to provide this function in the nearest future, as this may adversely affect the equipment.

Why is Comino so expensive?

To answer this question, it is necessary to understand what we compare. Comino represents the best value for money in the market. Our device is a one-of-a-kind liquid-cooled miner for retail.
1) We get all the component parts from the leading suppliers in the world. Such as:
- Molex - Connectors for riser boards. The riser boards themselves are developed and manufactured by Comino engineers;
- Chieftec - Power Supplies. Chieftec and Comino produce a special version of power supplies, with an element base designed for 24/7 operation;
- Hardware Labs Performance Systems - liquid radiators;
- Noctua - Fans. The IPPC series are reliable and incredibly quiet.
- Laing - The pump for the coolant.
2) Manufacture of heat-removable parts of the cooling system and case, as well as assembly of devices takes place in Germany - a country with a production culture known world-wide;
3) Qualitative liquid cooling prolongs the video cards' life and allows them to work stable 24/7 in a 20-25% overclocked mode.
4) Comino is a software and hardware complex. You get the software developed by us, which allows you to "mine with one button". All you need is to connect Comino to the Internet, and all management goes through your personal account.
5) Warranty and technical support for Comino are provided for 1 year. While the guarantee provided by video cards manufacturers for these cards used for mining is only 3 months.

How much dust does the device collect?

Due to the high efficiency of the liquid cooling system, the volume of air circulating through Comino is significantly less than through the classic mining farm, so it collects much less dust. Most of this dust settles on the liquid radiator, which is easy to clean during maintenance.

What is Comino's efficiency?

In general, the efficiency of computer technology is very small - less than 20%, all the rest is parasitic heat, which Comino transforms into a useful work of heating the room, therefore, conditionally, we can say that the Comino's efficiency is 100%.

How many ETH and ZCash per month on average can I get on one COMINO?

This parameter changes daily, it is more convenient to follow it on the or to wait for a calculator which'll appear soon on our web.

How quickly will Comino pay off? How can this be calculated?

To calculate it please use the calculator via the link Ethereum Mining Profitablity Calculator

What is the recommended type of power supply? Is a separate power supply needed?

Comino is a plug-n-play device, its power supply is already inside.

What is the recommended internet connection to use with the miners? Is regular DSL wifi connection ok, or is cable internet or other high-speed connection needed?

Either LAN or WiFi will work fine. For the best performance, please, ensure the bandwidth of the channel not less than 256 kbit/sec.

What differs Comino from other miners?

This is a very broad issue. The difference from the handicraft GPU miners is revealed in the paragraph about the price.
Our unique selling points are:
liquid cooling system, which allows the device to work 24/7 in the increased acceleration mode, effectively removing heat from video cards. This can not be achieved through air cooling.
plug and play device
very quiet
very small. We have a special arrangement of the device in which the video cards stand alone. As a result, Comino is 5 times smaller than an ordinary mining farm with the same performance.

What nozzle do I need to remove the case cover?

Т20Н will be a perfect match.

Can I regulate the heat release? What shall I do in summer?

Thanks to the Power Limit function, you can regulate the heat generation in the range from 750 to 1100 V/h without loss of performance (in case of ETH mining).

Mining Tips

Question: It [Comino N1] has a sleek clean look and pretty compact, although I do have to ask the point of watercooling for ETH hash algo? This makes more since for GPU heavy aglos like LYRA2v2 or Equihash where that watercooling can get you high core clocks.
Answer: Thank you for your question! To get high hashes for ETH, indeed, you don't need to get high core clocks for GPU, but you need to get high clock for memory which leads to heavy heat generation on memory chips AND voltage regulators. When not cooled, VRM overheats. That leads to unstable work of voltage regulators (VRM) → memory errors, failure and unstable mining.
Question: I used the 106 gpu. It is mid range not high end gpu. It is like a 1060. I built a lot of gpu rigs. You should not have used the 106. A four card 102 gpu would be smaller and with the new ethhardener software could do 220 to 220 at ETH. Far less power as it would be more efficient. And it would have been smaller so you could have saved money. Frankly I like what you built but A four card 102 gpu would have used less power and hashed higher. Plus smaller in size.
Question: How to connect two different PSUs?
Question: Damn. The product looks like an amazing piece of engineering. However, the website itself is also superbly designed and is really eye-catching, i felt like i was playing a video game just going through the user interface. Kudos to your hardware and software engineering teams. It's just too bad this is coming at a time like this when GPU mining seems to be ending. Hopefully the remaining of 2018 turns around for GPUs.
Question: Is it worse mining?