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Comino FPGA computing systems power opportunities for everyone

FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. It is an integrated circuit which can be “field” programmed to work as per the intended design. It means it can work as a microprocessor for any computing tasks. Due to their programmable nature, FPGAs are an ideal fit for improving performance: Network & Storage, Finance & Risk, Analysis, Datacenter, HPC, Communications, Industrial, Broadcast, Medical, Automotive & Cryptomining.

COMINO Co-location Solution offers the fastest way to start working with incredible FPGA power.


Why should I care about FPGA?

Even in today's market, FPGAs generate $5–$15 a day, creating a huge performance gap between FPGAs and GPUs, both in hashing speed, as well as power efficiency.

19x times

24 GH/s Bittware CVP-13

1.26 GH/s NVIDIA 1080 Ti GPU

12x more power

16 W per GH/s Bittware CVP-13

198 W per GH/s NVIDIA 1080 Ti GPU

19x times

24 GH/s Bittware CVP-13

1.24 GH/s NVIDIA 1080 Ti GPU

10x more power

16 W per GH/s Bittware CVP-13

160 W per GH/s NVIDIA 1080 Ti GPU

You have a unique opportunity to obtain
FPGA equipment usage experience immediately.


How it works

Right after the order created you get full SSH access to the FPGA board maintained in a liquid cooling system in Sweden Datacenter, with the unlimited control to use available bitstreams. FPGA board will be delivered to your place on demand at any time.

Network & storage

Finance & risk








Automotive & cryptomining

ssh [email protected]

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Co-location Advantages

  • You get immediate access to FPGA board
  • Unique set of bitstreams available with no restrictions
  • You save money on electricity costs
  • You save money on maintenance
  • You avoid delivery risks & delays
  • You stay away from customs clearance fuss
  • You get full infrastructure installed and set up

AvailableFPGA models

The BittWare CVP-13, powered by the Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ VU13P 2E FPGA. Available passive air-cooled, or liquid-cooled for maximum performance, the CVP-13 is optimized for mining cryptocurrencies. And it has a special security key encoded onto it.

The key allows access to additional private bitstreams. Also with 300A power supply, VU13P with 50% more logic and more on-package UltraRAM than VCU/BCU1525. And has 800Gb/s board-to-board support (400Gb/s daisy-chain).

Bittware cvp 13 image

Coming soon

nallatech placeholder


VAT not incl.

FPGA board

Shipping not incl.

FPGA board + 1 year co-location


  • pre-installed liquid cooling system
  • electricity
  • maintenance costs

Warranty & Support

FPGA support does not imply on setting
or programming your own bitstreams.


days warranty


email support

FPGACrystal map

Here is what the FPGA crystal map looks like with bitstream uploaded to it.
Working with us will let you create for real.

bitstreams image 2

bitstreams image 2

bitstreams image 2

bitstreams thumbnail image 2

bitstreams thumbnail image 2

bitstreams thumbnail image 2


Algorithm SHA-256 Keccak ZenProtocol
Hashrate 29 GH/s 24 GH/s 24 GH/s
Power Consumption 380 W 380 W 380 W
Coins Amoveo (VEO) MaxCoin ZenProtocol

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